April Trends

I’m Obsessed

If your For You Page (FYP) on TikTok looks anything like mine, you are familiar with the trend where people post videos featuring photos of “current obsessions” in rapid succession. I’ve always enjoyed this type of content as a self-diagnosed nosy person. I can’t help that I like to know what people are interested in. These videos have helped me find inspiration for art projects, clothes to add to a wishlist and simply provide me 15 seconds of serotonin. So, without further ado, here are my current obsessions…

Gucci x Northface

Despite this campaign making its U.S. debut back in January 2022, the combination of the ethereal background, depicting rolling hills that would put The Sound of Music to shame, with nostalgic undertones has kept this collaboration a constant in my mind. The classic red and green that defines the Gucci brand is contrasted with soft browns and yellows which has made the whole campaign feel like a dreamy oasis. Gucci even brought along Francis Bourgeois, TikTok’s train loving sweetheart, to promote the collaboration. When watching promotional footage for this partnership, it never once felt like I was watching an ad which is an extremely difficult thing to accomplish.

Photo by Daniel Shea

Risograph Printing

Riso print style  involves duplicating images and playing with transparency to create unpredictable color combinations and bold works of art. This style of printing has become extremely popular in recent years as the return of the 80s has begun to surface. Being a maximalist at heart, the chaotic nature of this art style has recently caught my eye and I can no longer picture my future home without a couple riso prints hanging on the wall. 

Design from COGRID-19

Stylistic Typography

Anytime a Pinterest post depicts nontraditional styles of type, I immediately “pin it” and save it to my “ART” album. I have always been fascinated by the history of type (please read this article from The New York Times, I beg of you) and the meticulous process that goes into creating a new typeface. One of my favorite influencers, Eric Sedeño, has recently challenged himself to a #36daysoftype challenge where he has designed a new letter everyday.

Photo from Creative Review


Everyday I aspire to live life more like a 75 year-old woman, and my love for embroidery has definitely contributed to that goal. I am extremely sensitive to textures and running my hands along an embroidered blanket scratches something in my brain. Whether you like extremely precise embroidery work or a more stylistic aesthetic, embroidery can satisfy both and should definitely be on your radar.  

Embroidery by Haley Stout

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